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We understand that every client has unique values, needs and wants, and a unique setting

From your initial consultation through to project handover, we are with you every step of the way. We work closely with you to understand your needs and requirements, and aim to provide you with total peace of mind with our proven building processes.
  • Conceptualisation

    We meet with you to discuss your ideas and requirements, including your home aspirations and zone requirements. We evaluate your site and make the necessary recommendations. We discuss your budget and expectations and outline points where your budget could be maximised to achieve your vision. We can also assist with arranging finance.

  • Design and Planning

    We create design ideas, draft floor plans, product/interior designs, and present you with a final concept. We get you started with the selections by offering quality decor and construction consultation for your new home. Our ability to combine contrasting materials allows us to achieve incredible standards in each of our projects. We outline the costs involved, based on your design and material selections, and plan the construction timetable for your project.

  • Selection, Approvals

    We meet with you to discuss and refine your design, as well as finalise all material selections. Once all decisions have been made, we prepare the final documentation for your acceptance and approval. Once approved, we are ready to start, and will apply for the relevant planning and council approvals.

  • Construction

    The construction of your home starts with the preparation of your lot, cutting earth ready to lay the foundation of your new home. Your new home starts taking shape and we keep you informed via telephone contact and site meetings if required.

  • Handover

    Congratulations on your new home! We now handover the keys for you to move in, and present you with a folder for post construction care. This includes a recorded history of the build and references for future maintenance. We will also schedule return visits for post construction inspections if necessary.

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We understand that there are plenty of questions that arise along the way when you’re considering or in the midst of building a new home. We’ve provided a list of frequently asked questions that may help. To learn or find out more, please contact us on (08) 9209 3550, we’d be happy to help.
How long does the council approval process take?

Because approval requirements vary dramatically dependent on the estate and council, we are unable to provide a standard timeframe. With  extensive experience in council planning and documentation, we will ensure that the council approval process is completed as quickly as possible, and will be in regular contact with you to advise progress.


How does the council approval process work?

There are typically three stages to the council approval process. Plans are sent to the council as soon as the contract has been signed. Once planning consent is received, a building rules consent application will be sent to be certified. An external certifier will then send the approval back to council to be checked before the final approval is issued.

Will you let us know if there are any issues with council?

We are in regular contact with our clients and councils. If we are notified of any potential changes to your plans, we will be in touch with you to discuss.

Can I make changes after the Home Building Agreement is signed?

A request for variation after this date may be accepted at our discretion, prior to commencement of the building works.

What does site costs include?

Site costs are the fees payable to the builder which are specifically dependent on your site’s features. Site costs range from services connections between the house and water, sewer and electricity utilities, as well as compliance with federal, state and local government legislation. They also include fees that cover access to a difficult block, site leveling, and in some circumstances, any necessary footing requirements as determined by external engineers.

Whose responsibility is it to remove vegetation and rubbish from the site prior to construction commencing?

As per your Home Building Agreement (HBA), it is your responsibility to remove excessive vegetation and rubbish prior to construction commencing; this is essential for your home to be released to construction. However we are able to assist and make the necessary arrangements if required.

What happens if we hit rock when constructing footings?

You will be notified immediately, however, costs to remove the rock will be unknown until the rock removal has been completed. We will provide invoices from our contractors to provide you with a completely transparent and open understanding of the costs involved.

What does the upfront fee cover?

There are a number of different reports that are needed to establish if your land meets all the requirements for building your custom home design and the slab type needed. These include contour surveys, soil reports, plans showing your requested variations and an itemised proposal.

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